How It Works

Do Your Homework

  • Know the retail prices of the items you are looking for and see how much you will save.
  • Measure and know the sizes you need, and carry color swatches to match fabrics and artwork.
  • Because our items are mostly one of a kind and our shoppers frequent us regularly, all sales are final, and we cannot hold or layaway.
  • We accept MasterCard, Discover and Visa, credit or debit, checks, and cash is always welcome! We take credit cards over the phone for items in store but not online. Shop 24/7 with our online store.
  • Need Delivery? Ask Us About Affordable Delivery Services!
  • Buyers who are picking up their items must bring their own muscle. Due to insurance constraints, our staff may not move furniture outside of our doors, or lift items into vehicles.


Please call for an appointment to bring items into the store. We cannot accept drop-offs due to our limited storage space. Consignments for accessories are accepted by appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and two Saturdays each month. Furniture is accepted most days by pre arranged delivery. All items must be freshly cleaned, polished and free of all dust and dirt. Vacuum all upholstered pieces, including underneath cushions and the very bottoms of any furniture that may have cobwebs or storage dirt. We suggest having upholstery dry-cleaned to present it best. All area rugs must be wrapped. Please wrap china and glassware in paper towels, bags or bubble wrap. Do not use newsprint. A fresh coat of spray paint on painted wicker, or coat of wax or polish can mean the difference between getting $500 instead of $300 for that table! A MINIMUM of $25.00 will be charged for any cleaning that needs to be done by us to sell your item in its best condition. Remember, you are paying us to SELL your items.

Things to Remember

Photos are required for furniture to be consigned and may be sent to the above address, dropped off at the front counter in the store, or sent over the Internet. These photos can be Polaroids, digital, disposable camera type, or even old photos with people in them if necessary.

Please include descriptions with manufacturer, age, original price, condition, and when you will need to send it to us, if you are moving. We can return photos to you when we get the furniture on the floor; however, we require a photo to be wait-listed. Digital photos can be sent to us, along with your descriptions to

Second Sitting will sometimes provide a home-visit to assess your item for a nominal fee, which may be refunded when we receive your items to consign. Once we have determined that we will accept your furniture items, you will be placed on the wait-list, and we will call you as soon as we have room for the items you wish to consign. We generally replace a sold sofa with the next sofa on the waitlist, a dining room with another dining room, etc. We will do our best to accommodate your time requirements.

Terms and Conditions

Upon the sale of accessories, consignor receives a commission of 40%. Upon the sale of furniture, consignor receives 50% if sold in the first 30 days, 40% if sold the second 30 days, and 30% the last 30 days. Any items remaining longer than 90 days may be reduced to 50% and the consignor receives 20% of the final price.

A $10.00 Annual Consignment Fee will be deducted from your first check.

Items will be reduced 15% off the original price 31 days after contract date, and 30% off the original agreed price 61 calendar days after the contract date. A 50% reduction may be taken on items left after 90 days until expired items are picked up or donated. During the contract period, a quarterly (Jan, Apr, July, Oct) storewide sale of an additional 15% off may apply. The sale discount will be split between the store and the consignor.

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