A Little Story…

In the backroom where consignments are taken in, people talk. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to let go of their “stuff”. I always tell them not to leave it with me if they have any emotional attachment to something. Once I sell it I can’t get it back. Sometimes, things don’t stay, mostly they do.

A few years ago a cheerful, chatty, 50ish woman unloaded her bulging SUV and firmly instructed me that if we didn’t sell everything, to donate it, she did NOT want it back. She was remarrying, combining households, and had far too much furniture for their new home.

The very last item she pulled from her car was a rolled up area rug. I could see it was a popular style, one we had sold a few times previously, and I knew it would find a nice new home. She asked me if we could sell this rug, that it was in great condition and she liked the rug, but that her husband had died on the rug on their bedroom floor. They rolled him up in it and carried him out of the house!

When I looked up, wide-eyed and dumb-founded, she hesitated, the exclaimed,

“I had it cleaned!”

The rug got donated.

Second Sitting, St. Louis – Our Chair Logo!

How Second Sitting Started by Owner, Carolyn Dickson!

It was a crisp autumn evening, just about dusk, and we were out for our daily walk through my mother’s neighborhood.

We chatted casually about the events of our day, and as we rounded the corner, we spied a man dragging a beat up antique gold chair, struggling to get it to the curb for the trash pickup the following morning.  I could feel my mom tense as we approached, wondering if I was going to embarrass her by asking if I could have the chair.  She begged me not to breathe a word to the man.  But as I got closer and closer, the fine bones and gentle lines of the channel back, the detailed carved claw and ball foot reached out and grabbed me, and I couldn’t help but fall in love right there on the curb, that dilapidated chair crying for a new home and I yelled out to the man and asked if I could bring my car back and save his chair from the dump.  My mother slumped in humiliation of her daughter picking through her neighbor’s cast-offs.  We quickly finished our laps through the streets and I race-walked home to get my car and retrieve my new prized possession.

It was pitiful.  Torn, stained, shoved, neglected, maybe even drooled upon by a sleeping baby in grandma’s arms.  I took it home and sat on the couch looking at it across the room, wondering what it was trying to whisper to me sitting here, in my little townhouse.  In the bright light of my living room, I saw right through it and knew it had a purpose for me in it’s life.

 Previously in Dallas…

A few weeks earlier I had begun making plans for a new adventure I had been pondering for a while.  My friend had moved to Dallas and asked me to come down and help her decorate her new house.  When I arrived, she took me first to some resale stores, where we discovered all kinds of new treasures, someone else’s cast-offs, and like new display samples for the Dallas Market.  The week I was there, we never did actually make it to the market or any new furniture stores.  I was spell-bound by these mysterious little havens of used furniture boutiques, and before I headed back to St. Louis I had decided this was what I was going to do.

 Back in St. Louis…

Thus began the new adventure of resale home furnishings consignment.  It didn’t have a name yet, but the ideas were brewing.

At a dinner party one evening, after several bottles of wine and lots of babbling of my new adventure, someone asked what the name of my store would be.  I hadn’t come up with the right one yet, so it became a brainstorming of the loose tongues, nouns and names spewing from every corner of the room, and after several minutes the quiet chef blurted out, “It must be something unique, a play on words, like…”Second Sitting”.  The room fell silent while the guests rolled the words over in their heads.

And suddenly, the name was announced, “Yes!  Second Sitting!!!”  Toasts were made, glasses clinked, and the rest of the evening became a blur as I dreamed of the newly refurbished chair sitting proudly in it’s new home.  And below you can see this chair, now all refurbished sitting proudly & permanently on display at Second Sitting, St. Louis!

Second Sitting 1st Chair

The Chair that started it all at Second Sitting & launched our logo design!

And that Second Sitting Fans, is the story of our Chair Logo…

Second Sitting's Chair Logo

Second Sitting’s Logo – A Purple Chair!

Event Alert!

Be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, March 12 for Second Sitting’s next Event which will take place from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. Our very own stylist, Debbie Mack will discuss and display a hosts of Decorating Tips & How Tos for Mantels, China Cabinets, Bookcases and Tables.  So call us at 636-527-4747 or come in to register to be a part of this fun and informative evening to freshen up your home for Easter  and Spring as well as throughout the year!











Second Sitting’s Jewelry Event – Sweet!

Second Sitting’s own, local Jewelry Artist Mimi G., was our Guest Speaker

Mimi G, a local St. Louis jewelry artist (one of two at Second Sitting) was our camera shy guest speaker on the evening of February 5 to a group of jewelry affectionados that thoroughly enjoyed her discussion of semi-precious stones and crystals.  Mimi had many samples of various gemstones, some easily recognizable with others that were quite unusual in formation, color and texture which, to the delight of her audience, she passed around for inspection.

In addition to identifying her samples, Mimi further explained the magical and symbolic relationship that has always existed between humans and gems. The energy field of different gemstones is influenced by geometrical form, color and subtle vibration. Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion thus emitting an energy signature or frequency. The gemstone’s color also plays a dynamic role in the stone’s healing energy. The play of light and color can stimulate or calm; purify or heal.  So Mimi paired her samples with their healing properties which was fascinating and gave everyone in the room a new outlook when purchasing jewelry!


Meaning of Stones

Meaning of Stones Discussion at Second Sitting Jewelry Event

  • Mary Ellen Laidet demonstrated Jewelry Storage Ideas & Cleaning Tips

Mary Ellen Laidet, a Second Sitting Staff member, showed our guests how best to store their jewelry in a variety of ways with different types of containers, boxes, and compartment trays.  She also displayed her own jewelry trays she made out of various fabrics secured in photo frames, all very cleverly crafted for different styles and taste.  She explained how she made each jewelry tray, the supplies she used and tips on assembling the projects.  Another item she showed  was how to make your own ring holder using rolled felt and a photo frame.  Before closing to questions and answers from our guests, Mary Ellen educated everyone on the proper cleaning of jewelry, including pearls, stressing that our Jewelry Cloths and Anti-tarnish Strips go a long way to protecting your jewelry in ziplock bags.

Second Sitting Consignments

Mary Ellen Laidet at Second Sitting Consignments, STL

Frame Ring Holder

Photo Frame reinvented into Ring Holder with Stacked Rolled Felt

  • Christy O’Brien discussed the many ways to Recycle Old Jewelry

Christy O’Brien, another Second Sitting Staff member, also showed our guests many of her recent projects, included several frames that were entirely adorned with old pieces of jewelry, watch faces, glass beads, barrettes, and other found objects.  She explained the various ways to secure these pieces to the frame, including tips on required tools to have on hand,  best glues to use, how to approach the design of projects and even helpful suggestions for using grout, coloring grout, and substitutions for grout.  Christy too, showed her ring holders; one made from an adorned frame and another made with an open toe shoe! Even owner, Carolyn Dickson, brought in her fabulous medicine cabinet that she re-invented into a treasure trove of old jewelry pieces bordering the entire mirror – it was awesome!

Adorned Frame Ring Holder

Recycled Old Jewelry Adorns Photo Frame Reinvented into Ring Holder

Mod Podge Shoe Ring Holder

Mod Podge Shoe Reinvented into Ring Holder


  • Our Sweet Second Sitting Guests were treated to a Candy Bar – Oooo LaLa!

Prior to and following the presentations, our Second Sitting Guests were invited to indulge in our Candy Bar Extravaganza which included all kinds of Valentine sweets plus pink, white & red decorated brownies.  Gifts bags were provided for each guest and a Door Prize was awarded.  Each gift bag contained a sample of one of our cleaning cloths (to clean your jewelry), a sample of our new Anti-tarnish Strips (to protect your jewelry) and a few other goodies plus a coupon for future purchases in March at Second Sitting.  On top of all this, each guest was given a very special discount for the evening from Mimi G.  I guess you could say our Jewelry Event was a Sweet Success!

Candy Bar at Second Sitting Consignments

Second Sitting Consignments Jewelry Event Candy Bar

Gift Bags at Second Sitting

Second Sitting Consignment Gift Bags

Sweet Guest

Second Sitting Sweet Guest wearing 2 Mimi G necklaces

Second Sitting says, “Get Organized!”

Second Sitting, St. Louis, says, “Get Organized” with Terry Capehart, owner of Organization in Bloom.

Wednesday, January 21, Second Sitting Consignments invited Terry Capehart to speak on organizing your home, office and life to celebrate January is National Get Organized month!

Terry is a Professional Organizer and specializes in residential organizing with a focus on kitchens, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, offices, craft rooms, basements, and garages.  She is a certified FreedomFiler Consultant and has 30 plus years in the corporate world.

Terry is an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) both nationally and the St. Louis chapter where she holds volunteer positions as well as the role of Director At Large on the Board of Directors.

Second Sitting Consignments Get Organized Event

Terry Capehart & Carolyn Dickson

As our guest speaker, Terry’s emphasis for her discussion was on containers, closets, and paperwork with loads of tips on each category with these important highlights for starters:

  • First, you must set a goal, allow a time frame with a dead line and finally have a vision about the whole project.
  • If you desire more S-P-A-C-E, you need to Sort, Purge, Assign a Home, Containerize & Equalize!
  • And you have to ask yourself, “do you love it, do you need it, do you use it?” If NO to all these 3 questions, then it’s time to PURGE!
Second Sitting Get Organized Event

Second Sitting Consignments Get Organized Event with Terry Capehart

 Here are some of Terry’s Top Tips!

  1. Don’t buy containers until you have your project finished, so you can determine what type of container or containers are necessary.
  2. Empty an entire closet before you begin to sort & purge, then hang items with hanger hooked backwards on rod.  When item is worn, hang normally so 6 months down the road you can easily determine which items you wear regularly and which items need to be reassessed for purging!
  3. As soon as you retrieve daily mail, sort through it over a trash can so paperwork is immediately eliminated and does not pile up.
Terry wrapped up her informative discussion by fielding questions from our customers and staff & then we all decluttered a table of goodies!   So, apparently we did learn a lot about “letting go!”
Second Sitting Get Organized Event

Second Sitting Get Organized Event, January 21, 2015 with goodies to declutter!

Second Sitting Consignments – January Clearance Event!

Sweep Up Savings During Our Annual Storewide January Clearance Event!

Jan 2nd - Jan 31st Clearance Sale

Sweep Up Savings During Our Annual Storewide January Clearance Event

It’s a Treasure Hunt EVERYDAY at Second Sitting Consignments!

Be sure to Sign Up for our January GO (Get Organized) event on Wednesday, January 21.

  • Call or come in and register.
  • There will be fun, info, refreshments and give a ways!

Also, watch for details on our Facebook page about truck loads of model home furniture coming very soon!

It’s a New Year!  Out with the Old…In with the New!  Make an appointment to consign your old, gently used items.  Then, update your decor for Spring with fresh “New” items from Second Sitting Consignments in St. Louis, Mo.  Call for an appointment today at 314-527-4747.  



Welcome to our New Website!

Hi Second Sitting Fans & new found Friends!

We here at Second Sitting Consignment, in St. Louis, are all excited about our New Website where you all can learn about us, join our mailing list, read our blogs, as well as sign up and send photos to consign with us.  Many of the questions you may have about consigning with us can be answered with the information we have provided on this Website.  If you have more question, our contact information is provided so feel free to call us so we may help you.

Also included on our Website are links to our social media which mainly include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (still in development).  On Facebook, you may enjoy spying “Christy Cam” which is frequent weekly post of new inventory in our store.  “Christy Cam” not only covers  new furniture items but also accessories, including lamps, mirrors, wall art, china, holidays items and all sorts of Home Decor too numerous to mention!

Photo Collage Recent Furniture Items

Curio Desk Cabinet, Baker Cabinets, Green Kitchen Hutch, Large China Cabinet, Desk, & Corner Cabinet

Photo Collage Home Decor Items

2 lamps, 2 mirrors, Stain Glass Window Hanging, Holiday Glitter Snowman & China Set

On our Website here, plus all of our social media contacts, you can be sure to be alerted if we have seasonal sales, events or newsy information we want to pass your way.  Likewise, stay in touch with us.  We would love to see how you used an item you purchased from our store, so please, take a photo and email it to us at second.sitting@sbcglobal.net (attention Christy).   Did you find the perfect spot for it in your home?  Did you re-do or re-invent it?  Spill the story to Second Sitting, we’d love to hear about it!

In closing we would like to introduce you to two of our favorite Second Sitting dancers, Earlene & Caroll.  They Samba with delight, all decked out in red for the coming Holidays, to encourage you to visit our store and enjoy browsing all our galleries showcasing a wealth of treasures.

We hope you Samba in soon!




New Website

Welcome to our new website! Be sure to check our blog often for updates and specials!