A Little Story…

In the backroom where consignments are taken in, people talk. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to let go of their “stuff”. I always tell them not to leave it with me if they have any emotional attachment to something. Once I sell it I can’t get it back. Sometimes, things don’t stay, mostly they do.

A few years ago a cheerful, chatty, 50ish woman unloaded her bulging SUV and firmly instructed me that if we didn’t sell everything, to donate it, she did NOT want it back. She was remarrying, combining households, and had far too much furniture for their new home.

The very last item she pulled from her car was a rolled up area rug. I could see it was a popular style, one we had sold a few times previously, and I knew it would find a nice new home. She asked me if we could sell this rug, that it was in great condition and she liked the rug, but that her husband had died on the rug on their bedroom floor. They rolled him up in it and carried him out of the house!

When I looked up, wide-eyed and dumb-founded, she hesitated, the exclaimed,

“I had it cleaned!”

The rug got donated.