Second Sitting’s Jewelry Event – Sweet!

Second Sitting’s own, local Jewelry Artist Mimi G., was our Guest Speaker

Mimi G, a local St. Louis jewelry artist (one of two at Second Sitting) was our camera shy guest speaker on the evening of February 5 to a group of jewelry affectionados that thoroughly enjoyed her discussion of semi-precious stones and crystals.  Mimi had many samples of various gemstones, some easily recognizable with others that were quite unusual in formation, color and texture which, to the delight of her audience, she passed around for inspection.

In addition to identifying her samples, Mimi further explained the magical and symbolic relationship that has always existed between humans and gems. The energy field of different gemstones is influenced by geometrical form, color and subtle vibration. Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion thus emitting an energy signature or frequency. The gemstone’s color also plays a dynamic role in the stone’s healing energy. The play of light and color can stimulate or calm; purify or heal.  So Mimi paired her samples with their healing properties which was fascinating and gave everyone in the room a new outlook when purchasing jewelry!


Meaning of Stones

Meaning of Stones Discussion at Second Sitting Jewelry Event

  • Mary Ellen Laidet demonstrated Jewelry Storage Ideas & Cleaning Tips

Mary Ellen Laidet, a Second Sitting Staff member, showed our guests how best to store their jewelry in a variety of ways with different types of containers, boxes, and compartment trays.  She also displayed her own jewelry trays she made out of various fabrics secured in photo frames, all very cleverly crafted for different styles and taste.  She explained how she made each jewelry tray, the supplies she used and tips on assembling the projects.  Another item she showed  was how to make your own ring holder using rolled felt and a photo frame.  Before closing to questions and answers from our guests, Mary Ellen educated everyone on the proper cleaning of jewelry, including pearls, stressing that our Jewelry Cloths and Anti-tarnish Strips go a long way to protecting your jewelry in ziplock bags.

Second Sitting Consignments

Mary Ellen Laidet at Second Sitting Consignments, STL

Frame Ring Holder

Photo Frame reinvented into Ring Holder with Stacked Rolled Felt

  • Christy O’Brien discussed the many ways to Recycle Old Jewelry

Christy O’Brien, another Second Sitting Staff member, also showed our guests many of her recent projects, included several frames that were entirely adorned with old pieces of jewelry, watch faces, glass beads, barrettes, and other found objects.  She explained the various ways to secure these pieces to the frame, including tips on required tools to have on hand,  best glues to use, how to approach the design of projects and even helpful suggestions for using grout, coloring grout, and substitutions for grout.  Christy too, showed her ring holders; one made from an adorned frame and another made with an open toe shoe! Even owner, Carolyn Dickson, brought in her fabulous medicine cabinet that she re-invented into a treasure trove of old jewelry pieces bordering the entire mirror – it was awesome!

Adorned Frame Ring Holder

Recycled Old Jewelry Adorns Photo Frame Reinvented into Ring Holder

Mod Podge Shoe Ring Holder

Mod Podge Shoe Reinvented into Ring Holder


  • Our Sweet Second Sitting Guests were treated to a Candy Bar – Oooo LaLa!

Prior to and following the presentations, our Second Sitting Guests were invited to indulge in our Candy Bar Extravaganza which included all kinds of Valentine sweets plus pink, white & red decorated brownies.  Gifts bags were provided for each guest and a Door Prize was awarded.  Each gift bag contained a sample of one of our cleaning cloths (to clean your jewelry), a sample of our new Anti-tarnish Strips (to protect your jewelry) and a few other goodies plus a coupon for future purchases in March at Second Sitting.  On top of all this, each guest was given a very special discount for the evening from Mimi G.  I guess you could say our Jewelry Event was a Sweet Success!

Candy Bar at Second Sitting Consignments

Second Sitting Consignments Jewelry Event Candy Bar

Gift Bags at Second Sitting

Second Sitting Consignment Gift Bags

Sweet Guest

Second Sitting Sweet Guest wearing 2 Mimi G necklaces